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Humble Beginnings

This demo was for an application for a sound assistant position at Irrational Games in 2006. As I recall, I did an initial phone screening after sending in my application, but I did not get an interview nor did I get the job.

While I'm a bit embarrassed by it now, I think it's a pretty good demo for the time. It's at least kind of funny in its own way, and has a somewhat cohesive story telling arc to it. I had zero real-world game audio or post production experience, so I had to get creative to show what I was capable of. The sound design itself is passable, although the voice processing is not great. The thing that actually bugs me the most is the footsteps, which were done with fancy dress shoes and sound really thin and clicky.

The biggest issue, of course, is that in no way does this demo apply to games. There isn't even any sort of visual component. If I was applying for a job at some old-timey radio theater gig, it might have made more sense.

Please enjoy my public humiliation and learn what you can from it (if anything).


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