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General Philosophy

The world of a mouse is one where small things end up being very big. I thought the music should reflect this. Rather than grand, highly orchestrated music found in typical fantasy games, I wanted to convey the moods and emotions of the game with the simplest ideas possible: lush, evolving textures highlighted by appropriate solo instruments. There is power in the confidence to let simplicity speak for itself, and I think that translates well to the concept of our tiny adventurer on her quest.


In functional terms, this kind of music is easy to adapt to a dynamic music system, should you choose to develop yours that way. Each element can be separated out and mixed and matched randomly or according to the gameplay/player's actions. Consider each of these pieces as a two minute snapshot of longer ambient pieces you might hear in their respective parts of the game.

Mood A

The sound of nature is the primary filler. The player will get acquainted with this new world and their hero.  Should be calm but intriguing. What ever we use here will set the mood for the person with the headset on.


If Mood A is Exterior, Mood B is interior. A combination of the Arcane / Owl theme? The openness of Nature should be replaced with the confinements of walls. Almost trapped but not.

Additional Showcase

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