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Project Moss

Quill's Theme

Quill's theme is based around a simple motif that outlines a minor chord followed by a major chord. The core of it consists of three notes, which I like to think of as Quill, you (the player), and the bond between the two of you. As the melody rises out of the minor chord into the major, it represents the unique strength that can only be found when the two of you bond.

Like the game itself, the music is presented with an unlikely pairing of instruments. Quill is represented by the flute, a light, sweet, and agile instrument. You are represented by the solo cello, stronger, much larger, but also capable of great delicacy. As the piece moves along, Quill's theme is set in various ways between both instruments, sometimes solo, sometimes in unison, and sometimes in harmony.

To glue it all together, there is also a string section and a boy's choir. The choir can be seen as the magic that binds you to Quill, the haunting sound of it drifting through the halls of the library as you open the book. The string section is the lush and beautiful world Quill lives in that we get to see through the game. As the piece develops, the flute and cello weave in and out of the full string section, just as you and Quill progress through the world, each demonstrating your unique strengths.

Overall, I think the melody shows a lot of versatility, something which is very useful if it's reused and repurposed often throughout the game. With the string section as the backbone, the music is capable of being lush without being overly large sounding, as it would be with a full sized orchestra. I'm really excited about how this would sound with all live players.

Thank you for listening and for your consideration.

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